After eight fantastic years of pouring drinks, forging friendships, and serving some of the best burgers and brunch Downtown ABQ has to offer, the owners of Blackbird Buvette have decided it is time to close our doors.

We set out to create a fun and entertaining atmosphere that would be welcoming to everyone. With your love and support, we created a great place in Albuquerque for art, music, food, general revelry, and intimate moments. We have enjoyed being part of the vibrant and diverse Downtown community.

Thank you to everyone who made this a successful run for us. We feel that, over the years, Blackbird Buvette became yours as much as it was ours, and that is exactly what we wanted. When we close our doors on Monday, Jan 19th, 2015, it will be for the last time

We plan to celebrate our success and love for our neighborhood in the final week, so please come out and say goodbye.

Brian, Joey, Paul and Dandee